Extended Stay

Below is the information about our extended stay Ocean Island Inn rooms. For information about extended stays at our garden suites, see www.oisuites.com/extended-stay

NEW: 28 day dorm bed stays (starting anytime) from $445 – 520!

Our most discounted extended stay rooms are listed below. These are available for a calendar month (or half month), require a deposit, and have limited availability. If there are no rooms listed here, or if the dates or room types don’t suit you, we also offer discounted weekly, and four week rates for all our rooms. See Room & Rates section for more details!

Our discounted monthly and half month rooms are available from September to June. We update the list of available rooms every month on the 6th for the next month’s rentals. Availability is updated every 1-2 days. Act fast if you’re interested, the rooms often rent quickly! Contact us by email for more information.

Extended Stay - January 2018

Below is a list of available rooms and extended stay rates for January 2018.
Room TypeAvailabilityRate
Micro Double No WindowYes$595
Small DoubleYes$745
Small Double with SinkYes$735
Small Double Extra BunkYes$775 - $810
MediumNo$775 - $825


How it works:

Choose the room you like. If you’re in Victoria, visit us for a tour – office hours are best (10:30am – 5:30pm), but we are open 24 hours. If you have any questions please contact us.

  1. Read and sign our guest agreement. If you can’t visit us to do this, we can email or fax you a copy to fill out and return to us.
  2. Pay the $200 deposit to secure your room. Your room is only reserved once this payment has been received.
  3. Full room payment and key deposit ($10) are due the day you move in.
  4. Security deposit refunds are ready for pickup or for mail out, as a cheque, three business days after the move out date specified in your rental agreement.

More Information

Each room at Ocean Island has one or more beds, a fridge with freezer, a desk lamp, a fan, shelves and your linens (bed sheets, pillows, and comforter). Towels are available for a small deposit. Some rooms also have tables & chairs, lockers, closets, sinks and cupboards.

Sorry, no pets are allowed at Ocean Island Inn, but the Suites are pet friendly. Click here for more details.

In addition, all Ocean Island guests enjoy: