Finding Employment in Victoria

Getting a job in Victoria

Is it hard to get a job in Victoria? No, not particularly. And of course it depends on what kind of job you’re looking for. The easiest thing to come by around here is something mind-numbing in food service or retail. If you’ve got some kind of marketable skill and some education to back it up, chances are you can find work for the Provincial Government, the Parks department, or something like that. The local medical industry is big. There are more and more opportunities opening up for high-tech careers and
that sort of thing, and there are plenty of opportunities in the hospitality & tourism industry.

Victoria has a good deal of resources for finding employment, so with a bit of determination and organization… good luck!

How do I get a SIN card?

To be eligible for employment in Canada you will need a Social Insurance Number. Application forms can be obtained and dropped off at the Service Canada Centre at 1401 Douglas St. If you are a temporary resident you will need to bring a supporting document and one of the following primary documents:

  • Work Permit
  • Study permit and a contract of employment from the institute or on-campus employer
  • Visitor record from the CIC indicating you are eligible to work in Canada
  • Diplomatic identity card and note of employmentpermission from DFAIT

For more information about SIN cards see the Service Canada website at:

I don’t have a Canadian work or study permit, How do I get one?

Typically, you need to apply for your permit before or upon your entry to Canada;  however, there are some exceptions where you can apply within Canada:

  • you have a valid study or work permit, or your spouse or parents have a study or work permit
  • you have a work permit for one job but want to apply for a work permit for a different job
  • you have a temporary resident permit that is valid for six months or more
  • you are in Canada because you have already applied for permanent residence from inside Canada. You will have to pass certain stages in the main application process before you can be
  • eligible for a work permit.(Taken from www.cic.gc.ca please see the site for more details)

Don’t have a work permit? You can WWOOF!

Helpful resources


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