Our Neighbourhood

Where is the nearest…?

Coffee place?

Check out Habit Coffee on Blanshard and Johnson or Serious Coffee on Blanshard and Fisgard. Alternatively, there’s a Tim Hortons right next door

Grocery Store?

The Market on Yates

Everyone loves the Market. It’s well-lit with neon lights and somewhat upscale with lots of organic produce.
1. Walk two blocks to Yates St
2. Turn left, walk one block and cross the street. It’s on the corner of Yates and Quadra
Open 7am – 11pm 7 days a week
Tomley’s Market
Just a block away. Not the biggest grocery store, but it just comes in handy for the milk you just forgot.
1. Walk one block to Johnson street.
2. Go right on Johnson and you’ll find Tomley’s Market at the end, close to Douglas and Johnson.
Monday – Saturday 10.30- 8PM Sunday: 9-7PM

Convenience Store?

7-11 on Douglas at Johnson

1. Walk down Pandora ‘till you get to Douglas Street.
2. Turn left, walk a block, cross the street, and you’re there.
Open 24/7

Drugstore & Electronics Store?

London Drugs

1. Walk two blocks to Yates St
2. Turn left, walk one block and cross the street. It’s in the little plaza behind the Market on Yates.
Monday-Saturday 9:00-10pm Sunday 10:00-8pm

Liquor Store?

Liquor Express on Yates

1. Walk two blocks to Yates and cross the street.
2. Turn right and you’ll find the Liquor Express located right on the corner.
Daily: 9am-11pm.

Money Exchange?

Cash Money

1. Walk one block west on Pandora and you’ll find it on your left hand just after John’s Place.

Money Mart

1. Walk one block west on Pandora and cross the street
2. Turn right on Douglas and walk one and a half blocks.

Post Office?

Canada Post

1. Walk one block west down Pandora
2. Turn left and walk two blocks up Douglas
3. Turn left on Yates and it’s right there.


1. Walk five blocks north on Blanshard
2. Turn right and walk half a block on Broughton



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