Thrift & Vintage Stores in Victoria

Traveling is expensive enough – which is why we have dedicated this blog post to all things thrifty. Victoria is a great spot for the frugal, especially around the downtown core with its many thrift stores and second-hand shops.

Win (Women In Need)

Next door to Ocean Island Inn, you’ll find one of the Win thrift stores. Win stocks a lot of good quality vintage clothing for a cheaper price. Furthermore, you’ll be able to find home goods, accessories and much more – all at a good price. The best thing about WIN is that your purchase benefits the local women shelter.

785 Pandora Avenue – Open daily 10  – 6 pm except Sundays, open: 11 – 4 pm.

Value Village

Definitely the biggest of all the thrift stores, Value Village has basically everything you need. They have a huge selection of clothing and accessories as well as everything for your home. Generally not the best price, but definitely the largest selection. Take your time to go through it all and you might end up with some treasures. Also lookout for the 50% clothes & accessories sale – happening every couple of months.

1810 Store Street – Open daily 9 am – 10 pm.

Beacon Community Thrift Stores

Also close to the hostel, you’ll find the Beacon Community Thrift Store. This small thrift store has a lot of clothing, fabric and used books for a really cheap price. If you purchase something, you’ll help the Beacon Community with pursuing their goals – caring for those in need.

715 Pandora Avenue – Open daily 9 – 5pm except Sunday: 10 – 4 pm.

Vintage Funk Emporium

Vintage Funk has just relocated to their new place on Yates, underneath Union Tattoo. This eclectic shop has all your thrift store needs and more; from records to clothing, trinkets, and jewelry to vintage movies and collectibles, you’ll be sure to find something unique here.

764 Yates St – Open daily 11 – 6 pm except for Sunday: 11 – 4 pm.

Salvation Army

This Salvation Army store, in particular, has a small section for vintage clothing, as well a large collection of books. You might be able to snag up something cool and quirky so take your time 🙂

525 Johnson St – Open Monday – Saturday 9 – 7 pm.

Vintage After Death

This upscale vintage boutique certainly has it all! Known for their vintage clothing and accessories, this great store also has a cute selection of little knick-knacks, blankets and more. You’ll find that a lot of their price tags will tell you a bit about the item – informative and inspiring!

523 Pandora Avenue – Open daily: 11 – 7 pm.

The Patch

Not one but two stores that have everything from second-hand clothing to beautiful vintage pieces from all the previous decades. They have a great collection of vintage jeans, cool jewelry and it’s also the best spot for new sunglasses – seriously.

719 Yates Street – Open daily 10 – 8 pm.

Flavour Upstairs

Full of vintage clothing, Flavour Upstairs is well worth the staircase you have to face. A lot of quality vintage pieces can be found here – make sure to check out their staff favourites rack for the cream of the crop. In case you don’t want to spend that much – there’s a $5 rack in the back as well.

579 Johnson Street – Open daily 10 – 6 pm.

Whether you need a brand new wardrobe, some travel items or some off the beaten path souvenirs, these stores will have whatever you need. The best of all? All of these stores are within walking distance from Ocean Island! Ask the front desk for directions if you are unsure on how to get there 🙂



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