You know how hard is it to get together with most of your co-workers for a weekend? Since everyone has different schedules, life styles and chores to do… luckily most of the Ocean Island crew made it for a night camping trip, and guess what? It was epic!

We were off on Friday evening to Bamberton Provincial Park. Although the weather didn’t sound promising, we decided to keep up the positive energy to fight the rainy night ahead of us.

Got there, started setting the tents, put a few tarps up (just in case it rained) and started the fire. We all were quite cold, but it always gets better once all of us get together around the fire, start chatting and eating our camping food. Some of us brought some sausages, marshmallows, bread, dips and chips, combined with fruits, veggies and buzz, and of course the best part of it: the shared experience!.

As it got dark, the weather wasn’t a problem at all. It was chilly, but luckily the rain didn’t show up. We began playing the guitar, ukulele and sing along. We also shared some funny stories and laughs.

Next morning as some of us had to get back to duties, we decided to take some group pictures. We shared some coffee and doughnuts, which came very handy after a night long of laughs ;). The rest of us decided to stay one more night and despite a few showers, we made it through with more sausages and bread.

Ocean Island is definitely the place to be, the diversity of people its what makes this place unique. The sharing experiences and random trips are around the corner and the thing that remains forever are the memories of friends that were and probably will be for the rest of our life.