Bars & Nightlife

Although we have our own in-house bar, we understand that you must spread your wings and fly out into the world of night clubs, bars & pubs. That's why we compiled this handy list, filled with our favorite nightlife spots.

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Pubs And Lounges:

Garrick's Head

When you’re not sure where to go, start out at the
Garrick’s Head. It’s a great place to just kick back and
enjoy a beer. We like to call it Scottish Cheers.

1140 Government St.

Bard and Banker

Located in British Columia’s first Bank, this Scottish
Pub is a bit pricey, but you’re paying for the
atmosphere. The interior is simply gorgeous.

1022 Government St.

Artemis Bar

Are you a fan of mystery? Whiskey? Speakeasy style
bars with secret entrances? If so, Artemis is the place
for you. Hidden behind a bookshelf in a bookstore,
you will find a unique bar with great cocktails and a
mysterious atmosphere.

560 Johnson St.

Spinnaker's Brewpub

Located outside of the downtown core, but well worth
the walk. This rambling brewpub has amazing views
of the inner harbor. A great place to unwind.

308 Catherine St.

Sticky Wicket Pub

Located in the Strathcona Hotel, The Sticky Wicket is,
literally, massive. There’s a huge bar and dance floor,
dining area with a decent menu and games room.

919 Douglas St.

Irish Times

An upscale faux-Irish pub with good live music. and
always jammed to the rafters with happy drinkers.

1200 Government St.

The Mint

Just a block away from OI is one of the trendiest
restaurants in the city. Delicious fusion meals and
snacking platters! And they’re open until 2am!

1414 Douglas St.


Lucky Bar

Lucky is hip. Exposed brick and tattooed bartenders
with painfully stylish bangs. They host a variety of
musical events from trance to rock shows!. Put your
cool face on!

517 Yates St.

Upstairs Cabaret

Above Darcy’s Pub, this hip night club has cute-
bartenders and lots of great club music!

15 Bastion Square

Hopefully, all these options will give you something to do on your night out. There's always more to discover so ask our friendly front desk staff if you have any specific things in mind for a night out. We're happy to help! :-)




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