Coffee in Victoria

Victorians like to hang out and enjoy a good ol' cup of Joe. Since there are so many great little local coffee shops, we thought we make it easy for y'all and select the best shops for coffee in Victoria. Whether you like it caffeinated or decaf, almond or cow milk, iced or hot - the following places have it all.


Macchiato is the best coffee on our block with the loveliest baristas. Just on the corner of Blanshard & Johnson, you'll find Macchiato Coffee. Stepping inside already tells you that you will be treated to some of the best coffee in this town. But they are not only known for their great coffee! You can also grab some real tasty treats there, such as double creme brie croissants, delicious sandwiches and muffins. They have two locations, so just in case you are on the other side of the downtown core - just head to the other location for a cup of java.

780 Johnson St, Victoria

Habit Coffee

Located inside the Atrium Building, it's the place where all the cool kids come to hang out. Get a cup of some of the best coffee in Victoria and listen to whatever is on the record player. and enjoy their array of plants. Their huge windows also make it an excellent spot for watching people or soaking up the sun.

808 Yates St, Victoria 

Moka House

Moka House is a great spot for those lazy Sunday afternoons after you walked through Beacon Hill and want a little somethin' somethin' to warm you up. They have a lovely patio usually filled with lots of dogs and the occasional human. They also have great sweet and savoury snacks!

305 Cook Street, Victoria 

Hey Happy

One of the newer additions to Lo-Jo aka the Lower Johnson shopping block is Hey Happy. Artisinal coffee from all around the world, together with some slow-pour. It's delicious and always busy. Very hip and happening.

560 Johnson Street, Victoria 

Fernwood Coffee & The Parsonage

If you like to check out cool places, Fernwood Coffee is a good place to start. They are located in the slowly gentrifying Fernwood area, full of character homes and artsy spots. Their coffee is exceptionally good and it's lovely to walk around in the neighbourhood after which some great coffee. They also have their café called the Parsonage, which has yummy baked goods and sandwiches.

1105 Caledonia Ave, Victoria

Discovery Coffee

Discovery Coffee is located on Blanshard Street and Broughton and it's located in an instantly recognizable modern building. Their coffee is roasted and brewed locally and is very popular. Some of the best brunch places around town serve it as their coffee! The place is lovely on the in and outside as they have a large patio which is great in the warmer months but also wonderful on those cold afternoons where you can sit there with a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

1001 Blanshard Street, Victoria

Shatterbox Coffee

Another example of great coffee in Victoria - and so close by as well. The first vendor in the Public Market is Shatterbox Coffee, which has great flat whites, Rooibos lattes and so much more. They also have a variety of treats available, such as donuts, sandwiches and other finger licking good stuff.

1701 Douglas Street, inside the Public Market



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