Food Scene & Restaurants in Victoria

Once you're in Victoria, you have to take advantage of all the great dining options this city offers. Victoria has great restaurants, breakfast places, food trucks and so much more. Additionally, we also have a lot of vegetarian and vegan restaurants to make sure everyone can eat out!


Foo Asian Street Food

Foo offers its customers the best Asian street food in town. Even though their main dishes will certainly satisfy your cravings, you can always order some fry bread with chutney on the side. Or their black bean broccoli... Or..everything?

769 Yates St.


Fabulous Japanese tapas. Go there for lunch and get the $15 lunch box.

739 Pandora Avenue


Delicious Italian cuisine in an unforgettable Victoria-meets-New York atmosphere. One of the best known restaurants, it may come as no surprise that Pagliacci's is very popular, so be prepared to wait.

1011 Broad St.

Brickyard Pizza

Brickyard is so close you can almost smell the cheesy pizza's. You can order by the slice or order an entire Thick as a Brick pizza. Not only do they have great pizza, they’re licensed too! If you are in the mood for beer and pizza nights, this is, without a doubt, the place to go.

784 Yates St.

Chimac Korean Pub & Fried Chicken

Casual outpost with an array of Korean options such as soups, tranditional dishes, and of course, fried chicken!

512 Yates St.

La Taquisa

La Taquisa uses old family recipes to offer their guests appetizing and authentic Mexican food. Furthermore, they make everything with locally sourced products.

1017 Blanshard St.

Green Leaf Bistro

Amazing Vietnamese food just 2 blocks from Ocean Island! Not convinced? Well, firstly, they have great pho and secondly, hardly any waits!

1684 Douglas St.

Hope Key

For our lunch breaks, we go get the best, and possibly cheapest, Chinese noodle boxes in town. Not only that, they’ve got great bubble tea too!

1313 Douglas St.

The Mint

A block away from OI is one of the trendiest restaurants in the city. Delicious fusion meals and snacking platters! The also have a great curry lunch place one door over from the main location.

1414 Douglas St.



Hearty, plant-based comfort food for brunch and dinner! They also serve cocktails. Their mission is to help transition the mainstream to eating more plant-based foods in a friendly, accepting and engaging venue. They intend to show people that comfort food that connects us and nourishes us can be veggie, made from scratch, delicious and affordable. MeeT is a place that welcomes everyone and has a seat for all people looking to come together.

797 Hillside Avenue

Rebar Modern Food

Healthy, but slightly pricy, mostly vegetarian food. Along with this, they’ve got their own cookbook too!

50 Bastion Square

Green Cuisine

Located in lovely Market Square, just downstairs. Undoubtedly one of our favorite places in Victoria. Filling, hearty, healthy and pricy (but worth it) pay by weight.

617 Johnson St.

Virtuous Pie

Fantastic vegan pizza, salads and pasta. They're just a couple of blocks down Pandora, so they're a great option if you are looking for something close by.

530 Pandora Avenue

Fern Cafe and bakery

Cozy vegan cafe with classic espresso-based drinks, delicious vegan breakfasts and an unparalleled vegan bakery

1115 North Park St.



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