Local Foods on a Budget

Did you know that Victoria is the Canadian city with the most restaurants, eateries, pubs and bars per person? If you’re looking for places that are locally owned and loved by Victorians and travellers alike, we have your back. These are our favorite spots for a bite on a budget that showcase the cultural diversity and culinary flare of this city- and all just a short walk from our front door!

Frank’s Honeybun Cafe

If you’re in the mood for all day breakfast, a tasty sandwich, or yummy fried rice- this is the local spot for you. The blend of Asian and American foods lends to having something for everyone on the menu of this family owned local business, which has remained a breakfast and lunch hot spot in Victoria for over 15 years

Fresko One World Cafe

A very highly rated Latin American restaurant and cafe in the heart of downtown- this cafe is locally owned and operated, and has been bringing wallet-friendly and remarkably delicious Caribbean and Cuban flavors to Victoria since 2019- making this is a perfect choice for a bite to eat or a coffee in the downtown area.

Pho True

Pho True is a stand out in the vibrant Vietnamese food scene in Victoria because of its large menu and low prices, plus the convenient 2 locations make it a great place to stop in for a rest and a bite, or to grab some takeout to take out on your next adventure.

El Furniture Warehouse

This local hot spot serves up a great deal alongside signature cocktails and a party atmosphere. Whether you are interested in a quick lunch, pregame drink, or a night on the town with friends, The Warehouse Group has got you covered. Boasting a menu where every item costs just $7.95


Cenote is Victoria’s underground watering hole, where the cocktails and food are made with conscious care using local suppliers. With a jazzy and relaxed atmosphere, this is the place to go to experience the cocktail culture of Victoria come to life. The affordable prices lend well to this being a regular must-go for locals, and a fantastic spot for a date, or just a relaxed night out with friends.



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