Beaches In Victoria, BC

Let’s go to the beach, beach  – let’s go get away! What do you do when it’s too hot? Grab the sunscreen, water and your favourite snacks and hit the beach! Here’s a list of our favourite beaches in and around Victoria, BC.

Popular Beaches In and Around Victoria

Dallas Road – Clover Point Park

Easily accessible from downtown, the beaches in Victoria along Dallas Road are very popular destinations. You’ll find many people walking their four-legged friends alongside the spectacular ocean bluffs. There’s access to the beaches from the walkway where you can relax alongside the beautiful Pacific Ocean. See on Google Maps.

Gonzales Beach

Gonzales Bay is one of the most popular beaches in Victoria for water sports, but people also go there to relax and soak up the sun. On a clear day, you’ll be able to see the Olympic Mountains. Also, check out the different parks nearby such as the Gonzales Observatory and the Walbran Park. See on Google Maps.

Willows Beach

In the neighbourhood of Oak Bay, this stretch of sandy white beach is often considered one of the nicest beaches in Victoria and is a popular hang out in the summer. To the north of the beach are Uplands Park and Cattle Point, where you can hike through a beautiful Gary Oak forest. See on Google Maps.

Cadboro Bay – Gyro Park

The Cadboro-Gyro Park in Saanich offers everything for a great summer day. You can relax on the sandy beach overlooking the Juan de Fuca Strait and the Olympic Peninsula. The park offers many amenities such as picnic tables, washrooms and water-filling stations. If you are still a kid at heart, there’s no shame in trying the zipline! See on Google Maps.

Arbutus Cove Park

Close to the University of Victoria, you can find the Arbutus Cove Park. Hidden away in a suburb this beautiful park offers several trails to the cove, where you can relax and look out over the ocean or go for a stroll on the sandy beach. See on Google Maps.

Telegraph Bay

Like a hidden version of Cadboro Bay, Telegraph Bay is the ideal spot to go swimming, canoeing, or kayaking due to its shallow water and non-existent current. The water is clear and it is usually empty. The perfect spot for those hot summer days! See on Google Maps.

Popular Beaches Outside of Victoria

Thetis Lake

Thetis Lake is an ever-popular spot to hang out and have a swim. There’s the main area with a small beach and bathrooms, but there’s also plenty of other spots in the park. Walk alongside the water and you’ll eventually find cool spots right by the water. Bring snacks, floaties and dip into the cool waters of Thetis Lake. One of the easier accessible parks, Thetis is served by public transit! See on Google Maps.

French Beach

If you have a vehicle, why not go out of town and explore? Alongside the West Coast Highway, you’ll find plenty of beaches. French Beach will the first beach to pop up. The beach is rocky, but there’s a lot of driftwood and little nooks to set up in for the day. If you go in the early morning, the beach can be foggy which adds a little bit of mystery. See on Google Maps.

China Beach / Mystic Beach

On the same highway, you’ll be able to find many more great beaches. China Beach & Mystic Beach are served by the same parking lot but are about 5 km apart. China Beach is more sandy than rocky and it’s a very easy walk to get there. In case you like a bit of a challenge, check out Mystic Beach. It’s approximately a 2,5 km hike where you’ll take a suspension bridge over, climb down and eventually reach the beach. You’ll be greeted by the ocean and you’ll see a beautiful waterfall on your left. What’s there not to love? See on Google Maps.

Sombrio Beach

Another gorgeous beach on your way to Port Renfrew is Sombrio Beach. The turn off is easy to miss, so keep an eye out. Once you reach the parking lot, it will take you approximately 20 minutes to reach the beach. There is plenty of natural beauty around, such as multiple waterfalls and tide pools full of marine life. See on Google Maps.

Botanical Beach

The last beach we would like to mention here is Botanical Beach, one of the most rugged shorelines on the west coast. Rogue waves are crashing on the shore with a mighty roar – no wonder many visitors come here to do some storm watching. A sharp contrast with the rugged shores are the many tide pools you can find. These small micro-ecosystems hosts a variety of vulnerable sea creatures. Lastly, be mindful of wildlife! There can be lots of black bears in the area so act accordingly. See on Google Maps.



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