Unique Locally Owned Shops that are Minutes From the Inn

Wondering where to visit in Victoria to get the real inside scoop on the city? We have you covered with this staff selected list of the most unique and locally owned/ operated shops to see, only minutes away from the Inn. The vibrant art and large selection of shops is a core piece of the community in Victoria, and we can’t wait to help you explore it all!

Zingaro Floral Perfumery

Zingaro is a Canadian-based boutique parfum house that works to stay away from synthetics and chemicals- they also offer fresh bouquets, handmade candles, and unique home goods. It is located right across from the locally iconic photo and shopping hot spot, Market Square.

Little Shop of Strange

This peculiar little shop can be found nestled in Market Square, but feels like a whole new world when you step inside. The local hub for the odd and unique, this shop features local artists and global talents alike in their broad selection of treasures. Everything from costume wear, handmade jewellry, and taxidermy- this shop will have something strange for everyone to enjoy.

Good Vibe Space

Lifelong friends turned business partners make up the base of this unique and fun boutique, featuring local art, brands, quality handcraft, fair-trade global goods, cool collections, and beautiful products for body & soul + homegoods made by one of the owners themselves.

Ditch Records

Victoria’s largest locally-owned record store. Located in the heart of downtown Victoria. A must for casual fans and collectors alike, featuring Rock /Jazz /Blues /Classical /Hip-Hop /Metal /Country and more. This shop is a staple for the Victoria music scene and always has a fresh collection, as they buy and trade vinyl and select high-quality cd’s year round.

Thrift/Craft Alternative Art Supply

Located in the courtyard level of Market Square in Victoria, B.C. Thrift/Craft Alternative Art Supply is owned and operated with crafting, selection, and reuse in mind. Long hours are spent searching for the right items, and it quickly became a local key spot for the thriving Victorian art scene. Stop by and check out the rotation of supplies, or just to get inspired by the innovation of local artists.

Oscar and Libby’s

A zany and colourful gift shop with 2 great locations in downtown Victoria! Named after the owner’s beloved cats, this shop is sure to have something to dazzle anyone you would like to bring a bit of Victoria back for. From cards and boardgames, or hot sauces and socks- this is your one stop shop for the colourful and novelty.



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