West Coast Trail & Juan de Fuca Trail

There is a wealth of information about both the West coast and the Juan de Fuca marine trails. Books, online resources, etc. are the best way to prep for any big multi-day hikes. do your research- the west coast can be dangerous if you are not prepared!

West Coast Trail (77km)

Open May 1st- Sept. 30th
There is a trail use fee per person. Reservations are recommended if you are hiking during the peak season (June 15 - Sept 15) and can be made a maximum of two months before the month you plan to hike and a minimum of 2 days before your start date. Reservations are not available during the shoulder season (May 1- June 14 & Sept 16- 30) standby is also available. During the peak season you should anticipate a 1-2 day wait. During the shoulder season there is no hiker quote and a permit will be issued the day of as long as you attend an orientation session.
Expect the trail to take you 6-8 days.

Warning: This trail is NOT for beginner or novice hikers.


Juan de Fuca Marine Trail (47km)

Although this trail is designed for strenuous day and multi day hiking there are some trails for beginner & novice hikers & campers.
There are 4 official trailheads to the Marine trail, at China Beach, Sombrio Beach, Parkinson Creek and Botanical Beach. You won't have to bother with a reservation or registration here although there are camping and parking fees.

Unfortunately, the beaches and trailheads are not accessible by any city buses. You will need to either sort out your own personal transportation or take the trail bus available between May 1 -Sept. 30


Getting there:

Option 1: West Coast Trail express bus
Estimated travel time: 2-6hrs, depending on destination. They depart in front of Victoria bus Depot (700 Douglas Street). Reservations strongly suggested and required in May, June and September. They also rent hiking equipment and can provide baggage storage to those with return tickets.
Info: 1-250-477-8700 or toll free 1-888-999-2288, bus@trailbus.com

Option 2: Driving
It takes about 40min to drive to Sooke from downtown Victoria and just over 2hrs to arrive at Botanical Beach. Take Douglas street out of the city. This turns into Highway #1 North. From there take Exit 10, which brings you to the Old Island Highway. Stay on this, it'll turn into Sooke Road. This will lead you directly to all the beaches, it's signposted! Also note that Sooke is a good place to fuel your car and grab munchies. There is no gas station again until Port Renfrew.

Make sure to respect the delicate ecosystems of the trails. Stay on designated trails, don't damage flora & fauna, pack out what you pack in and respect park attendants & signage. Thank you




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