Transit in Victoria

Learning a new transit system can be the scariest part about exploring a new city, but we’ve got all the information you need to get around stress free!

How much does the bus cost?

All BC transit busses are $2.50 for a single ride, or $5 for a day pass. The drivers can give you a day pass on any bus, or you can buy multiple tickets ahead of time at most grocery and convenience stores.

How do I pay pay for the bus?

Busses take cash, tickets, long term passes and since recently you can also pay via UMO! Make sure you bring exact fare as bus drivers do not give change- our front desk can usually help with change.

How does UMO work?

You have to make an account with UMO and get the app for your phone. You will need data on your phone to be able to use it, but once you have it, all you have to do is add money to your account and then it's ready to be used.

How do I plan my trip?

BC transit offers a convenient trip planner on their website! BC transit is also linked with Google Maps, so you can have up to date information straight from the Maps app.

Can I buy a long term pass?

Yes, most grocery stores and convenience stores will carry monthly bus passes and bulk tickets. Monthly passes are $85 for an adult, or $45 for seniors (65+) and youth (18 and under).

Where is the nearest bus station?

There is not a bus station downtown, but there is a major bus stop conveniently located a short distance from us on Pandora and Douglas. Most busses that run in and out of Victoria will stop here, or not far from it.

How late do the busses run?

Some bus routes run late into the night, while others stop early dependant on the season. Always check your last bus times, and keep #TAXI (#-8-2-9-4) in your phone for emergencies- this number connects you to the closest local taxi company.

What bus do I take to get to ferry terminal?

Bus #70 and #72 will take you right from a few blocks away from the inn to the walk on rea of the Swartz Bay ferry terminal! If you need to get to the downtown ferry terminal, it is only a short cab ride, or a half hour walk.

Can I get a day pass?

Day passes can be purchased on the bus, in cash, for $5- just tell the driver that’s what you want. Alternatively, books of multiple single fare tickets can be purchased at most grocery/ convenience stores, and 2 tickets will get you one day pass from the driver.

Where do I find real time bus updates?

Google Maps has GPS updates on bus delays for most routes in the greater Victoria area! You can also check out the BC transit Twitter feed for updates.

Is the bus safe with Covid-19?

All BC transit official Covid-19 protocols and safety measures can be found on their website.



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